Natalia Shturm believes that Bari Alibasov suffering from excessive drinking. About it reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda” reports “Russian conversation”.

Earlier Yury Loza spoke harshly about the history of poisoning producer.

Friend Alibasov said that the producer is the same situation that was the singer Evgeny Osin, who died from alcoholism. According to Sturm, mariyat Mukhina helped Alibasova to get out of the binge, blaming them for droppers. The actress said that the doctor of the composer directly to it.

Mukhina herself open answer not given, but only hinted, for what purpose affected showman gave chlorprothixene. As explained by the doctor, the drug “clearly for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome”.

Alibasov recently had a conflict with Mukhina, which is the witnesses managed to capture on video. The composer blamed the doctor that she had allegedly injected him with psychotropic substances.