Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Vilkul, acting as co-chair of the Opposition bloc, decided to make a few statements in the session hall of the Parliament. This caused a storm of negative reactions from his colleagues, as his speech, the official was led in Russian.

According to “Russian conversation” broadcast of the relevant speech led the Ukrainian television media. Known information says that the deputies almost thwarted appeal of one of leaders of “opposition bloc” in the Verkhovna Rada.

According to Vilkul, in Parliament there should be a “nationalist dictatorship”. Such a statement he made in response to the requirement to speak within the walls of the courtroom in Ukrainian.

“People have a right to peace. People have a right to life. People need the right to language, as they want to speak their native language. People need the right to work and a decent pension, and wages . To do this, in our country the economy should work. Our country does not need a nationalist dictatorship,” he said.

Meanwhile, the co-chair of the “opposition bloc” called the Vice-speaker of the Parliament and requested not to conduct provocations against colleagues. She believes that the use of the Ukrainian language in the service is a manifestation of respect for the country. Supposedly no one is ban the Russian language in Ukraine, however, the rostrum should sound exactly the state language.

It is worth noting that this incident was not the first incident in recent years and months. Repeatedly radical MPs disrupted the speeches of his colleagues, decides to speak in their native Russian language.