A meeting of leaders of NATO countries in London on 4 December 2019
photo: reuters

This is stated in the statement at the summit of the NATO countries.

Russia’s aggressive actions are a threat to Euro-Atlantic security. This is stated in the statement at the summit of the NATO countries. It is held in London to mark the 70th anniversary of the military Alliance. In addition, the main threats in the document, in particular, named terrorism, hybrid and cyber-attacks, reports svoboda.org.

Union forces will increase their readiness to respond to any threat, at any time and in any direction, the statement said. NATO officials also note that the Union will take action in response to the deployment of Russian missiles of intermediate and shorter-range missiles. The statement stressed that the organization is open for dialogue and constructive relations with Russia “when Russia’s actions make this possible.”

The document also mentions the growing influence of China. It is, according to NATO, is associated with both opportunities and challenges which members of the Union should be dealt with together.

On the eve of the London summit, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced an increase in defence spending. In 2020 they will account for $ 130 billion, and in 2024-m – 400 billion. The increase in the budget of NATO from the European countries and Canada insisted the US President Donald trump.