A member of the Federation Council, the former head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov commented on the scandal that occurred after Donald trump put Germany account for the security of the Alliance.

As informs “the Russian Dialogue,” Pushkov noted that the amount of the bill a “giant”, although for the money NATO did not bother to ensure Germany need protection from the terrorists, who drowned the country in blood of civilians.

Alexei Pushkov in his Twitter harshly criticized this decision of Donald trump, adding that for such a considerable sum, NATO should have been more careful to ensure safety in Germany.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” wrote that Donald trump has put up to the Prime Minister of Germany, Angela Merkel account of $375 billion for services for NATO . The document was handed to the head of the German government during a closed-door meeting, which was held in Washington.

It is known that one of the German Ministers called the document “outrageous and demands were put forward by trump to intimidate Germany, but Merkel probably won’t react to this step.