The representative of the Serbian radical party Vojislav Seselj, who is running for President of the Republic of Srpska made a statement concerning the vector of development of foreign policy in case of his victory.

According to “Russian conversation”, Vojislav šešelj spoke approvingly about the maximum cooperation of Serbia with the Russian Federation.

It supports the possible accession to the Customs Union, as well as for the deployment of Russian military bases on the territory of Serbia. According to Seselj, the second item is a matter of survival for his country.

“I am convinced that Serbia will never become a EU member. Our party will resist. We would, on the contrary, like with Russia, the Customs Union,” assured Seselj in an interview with RT, adding that he would be happy if his country had in common with the Russian army and the same uniform .

The politician says that this move is forced because of the threat that “surround it (Serbia) from all sides,” obviously, meaning the neighboring countries-participants of the Alliance.