Military transport aircraft of NATO personnel, appliances and equipment on Board arrived in Odessa, reports “Russian conversation”, citing a statement by the Ukrainian defense Ministry.

American aircraft C-130J Hercules brought to the field camp equipment, gear, and the first participants in international exercises.

British four-engine turboprop aircraft A400 Atlas, in turn, brought the soldiers of marine special forces, a detachment of the Special Boat Service divers and provisions.

Military equipment and soldiers will be involved in international exercises Sea Breeze-2019.

In addition, Odessa went to the Georgian coast guard patrol boat P23 “Ochamchira”. It is the American boat of the Island, which last year Washington handed Tbilisi.

The exercise will be attended by the Bulgarian small anti-submarine ship “Cheerful.”

Ukrainian-American military exercises Sea Breeze-2019 will start on July 1. . According to legend, the exercise enemy elements that will try to block access to the sea from the Danube river. Vessels of the Marine protection will receive the task to provide support of transport and civil vessels through the mouth of the Danube to the Black sea.

Earlier it was reported that the Marine guard of Ukraine will increase to two dozen French patrol boats.