As reports TASS with reference to the radio station RMF FM, the landfill is trying to put out about 30 fire brigades, assisted by the military of the Alliance.

Poland is considering the possibility to involve fighting helicopters. Burn is mostly dry grass and premises that are no longer used.

It is noteworthy that the fire started directly during the exercise “dragon”, which is attended by about 18 thousand soldiers from NATO countries.

In an interview with the newspaper “Sight” exercises in Poland, commented the Chairman of the all-Russian movement of support fleet captain first rank Mikhail Nenashev. In his opinion, NATO had already been considering this country as a polygon, not a full-fledged member of NATO.

“Poland has become a country field, which is used as an auxiliary’t even structure, and structure. Therefore I do not exclude that in the future, unfortunately, Poland will face even more large-scale accidents,” – said Nenashev.

Earlier, the President of Poland, ran into criticism from-for careless statements in the direction of Russia.