The Minister of foreign Affairs of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn believes that NATO should not intervene in the Syrian Idlib and that the countries – members of NATO at the meeting on Friday will decide about the activation of article 5th of the Washington Treaty (on collective security).

“I think the only thing that is now possible with regard to NATO, saying NATO to solve this problem,” – said Asselborn on Friday on a press-conferences in Moscow after negotiations with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, commenting on the recent aggravation of the situation in Iglinsky area of de-escalation.

“Now Turkey has every right to request assistance under the 4th article (of the Washington Treaty – Interfax), but not in the context of the 5 th article, because it would mean that NATO forces will intervene in Syria and fight the Syrian government and, you know, what will be the consequences. We are not in this logic, I think. I hope that we will not accept,” – said the Luxembourg Minister.

“And we hope that the dialogue between President Putin and President Erdogan will lead to a solution, and I am convinced that Russia will do everything possible so that this military operation was stopped,” – said Asselborn.

He also said that “Turkey has not requested permission to NATO for the military operation in Syria.”

The night before, according to Turkish authorities, as a result of shelling by Syrian government forces in Idlib killed more than 30 Turkish soldiers. Ankara retaliated with land and air on the positions of Syrian forces.

Ankara has also requested the convening on Friday of the North Atlantic Council on the basis of the 4th article of the Washington Treaty, which stipulates that each member country of the Alliance has the right to conduct meetings on the unit if it considers that its security, territorial integrity or political independence are threatened.