Commenting on the remarks of the official representative of NATO about “the growing military potential of Russia”, the independent Russian expert Igor Nikolaichuk said that, in his opinion, this statement indicates a desire for peace.

In an interview with Politico
General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, paid special attention to Russia
and her “growing capabilities” that, according to him, worried NATO.

the independent Russian expert on international security Igor
Nikolaychuk, this observation suggests that the development of military sphere of Russia
recognized worldwide as a success.

comparison with previous statements [made by the NATO officials],
comments Paul more peaceful. This is a new trend that should be taken into
attention,” said Nikolaichuk.

“Right now
they just recognize the fact that Russia is making effective progress in
the military sector . No one is saying that we spend money for nothing, instead
they say that we successfully create new military vehicles and re-equipping our forces,”
the expert noted. – Currently [Russian armed forces] is perfectly
functioning organism, and NATO admits it. In other words, we received from
The West’s recognition of our success in this area.”

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