Photo: NATO plans to 2020 to build a 30 mechanized battalions

At the NATO summit in Brussels, endorsed a new initiative on the readiness of Alliance forces to respond quickly called Four thirty.

NATO plans to 2020 to build a 30 mechanized battalions, 30 warships and 30 aircraft squadrons ready to deploy if needed within 30 days. This is stated in the approved at the summit in Brussels a new initiative on the readiness of the forces of the Alliance, RBC.

As reported, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on July 11 at a press conference following the meeting of heads of States – members of NATO on the first day of the summit, the new initiative has named Four thirty.

“This initiative is needed to provide rapid response and mobilization of the forces of the Alliance in the event of a crisis, active threats of incursions into NATO territory or conflict”, – said the Deputy Secretary General of NATO rose Guatemalan .

According to her, these forces can be pulled together from all the countries of the Alliance in case of crisis situations to support posted in the Baltic States and Poland to NATO forces.

“The idea of the initiative is that every member of NATO has focused on the need to be ready and be able to quickly move their troops,” he explained, Hotelmuller.

However, she stressed that the initiative does not imply the formation of new forces, these troops were from countries-members of NATO. The initiative also does not imply the movement of these parts in the Baltic countries and Poland – they will not be located there on a permanent basis.

In addition, NATO agreed on the structure of two new command centers – Atlantic and logistics in Europe, the creation of which the defence Ministers of member countries agreed at the February meeting in Brussels.

Besides, NATO will increase its mobility: the aircraft of the Alliance will receive from the European organization for the safety of air navigation (Eurocontrol) own Callsign as well as priority in air traffic management in Europe during peace and crisis time.

As repeatedly stressed Stoltenberg, the decision was taken to strengthen deterrence and defence Alliance, and its security in terms of “unpredictable world.” According to the Secretary General, by 2020, European countries and Canada are going to increase defense spending at $266 billion.

We will remind, during 11-12 July in Brussels the NATO summit.

Earlier it was reported that most of the countries participating in NATO increasing military spending.

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