Naval aviation black sea fleet has expanded its influence and is able to control the entire perimeter of the Black sea. During the filming failed to establish that the fighters patrolling the waters of the sea singly and in pairs. On it informs edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Thus, the pilots
regularly improve the skills of practical use of weapons at naval

Naval aviation
The black sea fleet in the Crimea is based on three airfields: Kacha, the guards and
Novofedorovka. The last is a trainer for carrier-based aircraft THREAD, and
in addition, recently formed a full regiment reconnaissance su-24MR aircraft and
fighter su-30CM.

Previously we had blown up footage of the amazing “police turn” multi-ton Russian tank T-80UD.

After a certain
distance reverse, the T-80 with tail number 342 performs the reverse
action and moving forward course . The advantages of this machine can
include the fact that the only tank in the world, equipped with gas turbine
power plant.