The national Bank of Ukraine decree No. 183, dated may 31, 2017 registered banking group led by Bank of PJSC “Bank “Ukrainian capital” (Kiev).

Controller group is Sergey Belashov.

The group in addition to the Bank “Ukrainian capital” includes: PJSC “Closed non-diversified venture corporate investment Fund “Verdun”, “Company asset management “Acropetal” (Kiev).

Bank “Ukrainian capital” (formerly – Bank “Transcarpathia”) was founded in 1992.

According to the NBU, as of 1 January 2017, the largest shareholders were Sergey Belashov (direct participation 52,7949%), Liliana Belashova (indirect participation, through OOO “Sokol”, – 21,537301%), Natalia Kiva (indirect participation, through OOO “Sokol”, – 21,5373%), Vladislav Kiva (direct participation 6,8384%), Victoria Belashova (direct participation 6,7142% ).

According to the national Bank of Ukraine, April 1, 2017 to total assets (653,008 million UAH) the Bank occupied 62-e a place among the 90 operating in the country banks.