The national health service (NCSU) deactivated more 10,244 thousand declarations with primary care physicians in one of medical institutions of primary Irpin (Kyiv region).

As the press service of NCSU, in the course of monitoring the execution of the contract, NCSU with KNP “Irpin city center of primary medical and sanitary aid” of Irpin city Council in April 2019 was audited, in which, NSSU worked 16,703 thousand printed copies of the declarations in the ambulatory General practice of family medicine № 1.

The test was initiated after submitted in March 2019, NCSU treatment from the legal representative of a three year old that the Declaration used the personal data of this child was made by employees of the PNC in an electronic health system without the consent of the legal representative of the child. The health care facility, which actually provide medical services to the child and where the legal representative of the child elected to her doctor, has not received money for services rendered, NCSU said the head of the “victim” of such acts of health institutions.

The results of the verification it was found that 10,244 thousand returns were filed with breach of the peace. So, some of the copies of the declarations have not been actually printed, a considerable part of the printed declarations did not contain the signature of the patient. Part of the declarations were not filled in the prescribed form, a part not filled in the e-health system, and “by hand”, which is contrary to the requirements of the order.

“Such violations may indicate that some patients actually could not choose the doctors of this medical institution. For such cases the relevant material will be sent to law enforcement agencies,” – said NCSU.

In the course of additional analysis of the declarations of NSSO also found errors in the personal data of patients (incorrect indication of surname, name, patronymic, etc.), signing one signature and four more declarations in different patients (excluding completing and signing the Declaration of legal representative), the signing of the Declaration of the same patient different signatures, entering incorrect data in the section “legal representative of the patient” in the declarations of the children.

On-site audit, NCSU held a meeting of the Commission for data verification in the e-health system, NCSU that representatives of PNC “Irpin city PHC centre” of Irpin city Council was given a copy of the report on results of monitoring. Also, NCSU suggested that the health facility to provide explanations of the situation and correct mistakes.

“The administration of health institutions provided explanation about the committed violations of the order, but the Declaration has remained active in the electronic system, and therefore the violation was not corrected. Therefore, the Commission meeting may 16, the decision was made to deactivate the electronic health system 10,244 thousand declarations of choice of doctors,” – said NCSU.

After receiving from the clinic following the report, the service also intends to file objections to it and to allocate funds paid by the filed with violations of the declarations.

“NCSU will continue to monitor compliance with partner institutions conditions of contracts and the rights of patients to freely choose the doctor and the protection of personal data. The results of the audits to be undertaken, NCSU will be open and available to both institutions and to the public”, – emphasized in NCSU.