Photo: a frame from the video of the Diameter of the outer ring is 15 meters

Discovered the creature was siphonophorae, a feature of which is that it is “thousands of times, clones itself”.

Scientists from the Western Australian Museum, the SCRIPPS institution of Oceanography and several other research organizations have discovered siphonophore. Her length was 47 meters, said page, Schmidt Ocean Institute Facebook.

Siphonophore is a living being, which is a huge and complex organism-the colony.

“Instead of growing as a single body like virtually any other animal, a tiny separate siphonophore thousands of times cloned himself half a dozen different types of bodies joined together,” the expert explained.

The researchers noted that the diameter of the outer ring they discovered siphonophore was 15 meters.

Experts do not exclude that it is the largest representative of its biological group of known to modern science.

As previously reported, the network showed a mysterious black creature.

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