Photo: NASA

The outer body was first spotted just a few days ago. It will fly incredibly close to the planet.

Near Earth fly by a large asteroid. Space body will pass at a distance smaller than the distance of the moon from the planet. It is reported portal Space.

The asteroid called 2020 GH2 will quickly fly past Earth on Wednesday, April 15. He’ll come at a distance of 359 thousand kilometers from the planet, which is very small by cosmic standards. For example, the distance to the moon to the Earth is 385 thousand km.

In NASA noted that the size of the asteroid is from 13 to 70 m. it was First noticed on Saturday, April 11, astronomers in Arizona, USA.

Scientists say that the trajectory of the asteroid poses no danger to Earth as the cosmic body. Compared to the asteroid that 65 million years ago killed the dinosaurs, 2020 GH2 – a grain of salt.

Earlier it was reported that the Earth is approaching a potentially hazardous asteroid. Also the Correspondent wrote that at the very accurate pictures of the Sun found a mysterious thread.

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