As was reported in the house of the Ukrainian policy broke four men, dressed in tactical clothing and balaclavas, betrays, “Russian conversation” with reference to “Observer”.

According to the information received, the attackers, armed with guns, attacked the MP Pavlo Pynzenyk and his wife, tied them up and, using the force, forced the policy to open in the safe in which was stored more than 1.5 million hryvnia in foreign currency, as well as expensive jewelry and mobile phones.

“The Complainant and his wife on the second floor of the criminals tied up and made to open the safe. Under the threat of the gun from the safe he stole 40 thousand dollars. and 20 thousand euros, also stole other property, telephone numbers,” – said the Ukrainian media.

MP has written a statement to the police. It is known that one of the criminals spoke in Georgian.

Militiamen told that now on the scene working investigatory-operative group of Vasilkovsky police Department and the region, the leadership of the headquarters, field investigators of criminal police, forensic dog handlers. On the fact of robbery the criminal proceedings under article 187 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation” informed the readers about the incident in Kiev where an unknown attacker on the observer of the OSCE Mission and tried to Rob a defenseless woman.