Photo: SBS

News of Ukraine: In Mariupol on the road, the border guards found a mine of Russian origin.

Operatives of the Donetsk-Lugansk regional administration of State border service of Ukraine found near the road on the outskirts of Mariupol, Donetsk region mine Russian origin.

As reported on the website of the state border service on the social network Facebook on Monday, the border guards received information that on the highway “Mariupol-Sartana” is presumably an explosive device.

“The information was confirmed: in a secluded place was discovered Mina in advance, mon-50 (anti-personnel mine of Russian origin – defeat man or several at the same time the explosion of this mine is applied ready killer elements which are emitted in the direction of the enemy at a distance up to 50 meters)”, – stated in the message .

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Based on the location of mines in the area of operations of the joint forces, the state border service admit that the weapon might have been planning to use against the Ukrainian military personnel or civilians.

The village of Sartana Kalmiuska is subordinate to the administrative district of Mariupol, the city reported three roads.