In the Odessa region, was detained the young people who moved on cars with foreign number. During the inspection they revealed bits.

The police assumes that the man was going to arrange provocations on the Kulikovo field on may 2, according to “Диалог.UA”.

The incident occurred last night near the village of rozselenets ‘ on the route Odessa – Beacons.

A police patrol noticed the car “Volkswagen” with the Lithuanian register. Its passengers were unloaded in the fit of some items. It was a wooden baton.

As told adviser to GU NP in Odessa region Ruslan Forostyak, seeing the police, the young men tried to escape, but were caught by guards and arrested.

The police suspect that they were to become the participants of mass disorders in Odessa on the Kulikovo field, where planned events to honor the memory of those killed in the trade unions Building .

Earlier in Odessa near the trade unions Building noticed an unknown man in camouflage with stripe “Russian air force”.

As reported, “Russian conversation”, a Russian citizen tried to smuggle in to Odessa on 2 may, the poster with Vladimir Putin and has been detained by the SBU.