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News of Ukraine: In Odessa region the inhabitants of the dacha cooperative “Rus” suffer from the group of African monkeys, who roam their gardens and eat vegetables and fruits.

Residents of the dacha cooperative “Rus” in the Odessa region are preparing a special operation to arrest a group of African monkeys, which is already two weeks twine their gardens and orchards.

It is noted that local gardeners complain about private zoo nearby. So, Irina Akberdieva says that at first at the fence of her house, settled the sheep, then the gardens of a monkey running around, and the other night at the gate noticed the deer.

“We feel the smell, hear the cries of animals, which do not give to live in peace and make people worry about our safety. There are no normal conditions for life,” she said. Her neighbors almost every day shooting in the gardens of African monkeys that eat peaches and plums. Animals the male is commanded by Attila .

“He gathers the entire group of monkeys, he controls the group. There is a clear hierarchy, who does what”, – says Natalya Vishnevskaya observations.

Local gardeners are convinced that monkeys escaped from a private zoo, but the owner denies animal. “It’s not my monkeys, you! Want – shoot, if you want to take. I have no APE fled”, says Alireza Pahlevanzadeh.

Animal rights activists say that one of the monkeys do have someone killed, so the others are planning to catch as soon as possible as to lose all, especially in the winter. “Monkeys in this situation are not guilty of absolutely nothing. People are willing to be patient, but they said that if there is a threat to children, the threat to life and health – they will take drastic measures,” – said the animal rights activist Svetlana Barsukova.

The animal, at the same time, has already determined the area where you plan to set a trap for animals. People hope that when they get hungry, go inside the building. However, this can only happen in the fall, when people will gather the harvest, and the trees of food, the monkeys will remain.

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Captured animals to the owner of the zoo is not going to return. In addition, villagers collect signatures to shut it down because the zoo didn’t create appropriate conditions for keeping wild animals.

“We exclude from our society, cut off from light and water – let sit with their wards. Sorry for the animals, but on what basis is this here?” noted former Board member of the Association “Lybid” Lyudmila Pastushenko.

Earlier it was reported that a pack of monkeys settled in the summer community of Odessa. Local residents felt that the village walks 9 animals that robbing the local orchards, eating apples and peaches.