An accident in the suburbs of Odessa



The man tried to commit suicide with a knife.

Today in suburb of Odessa VAZ-2106 car at high speed crashed into a police patrol car, arrange the materials of another accident. It is reported by the patrol police of Odessa.

According to law enforcement, the incident occurred on ovidiopolskaya road in the area promrynka 7-th kilometer. The driver of VAZ-2106 collided with a Toyota utility vehicle and then crashed into a curb.

The crash injured the passenger of Lada, he was hospitalized. A driver found obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication. He was sent for examination.

In turn, the local newspaper Reporter said that the driver was deaf and after the accident tried to commit suicide with a knife. Police have ostanovili him and took the knife.

As reported Корреспондент.netthis week in the center of Odessa police car knocked down a woman . The pedestrian was injured, the police gave her first aid and waited until the EMTs arrive.

In Odessa police car crashed into the store