On Monday evening in the Odessa region unknown robbed businessmen from Poltava, stolen 12 million UAH, announced plans “Interception” and “Siren”, reported the local newspaper “Duma”.

“Three men from Poltava were transported to Odessa very large amount of cash you plan to spend on the purchase of various goods including “Seventh kilometer. Stopped at the “Fontanelle” (cafe – if) for lunch. There came a minibus, which jumped by three thugs. One fired his pistol in the air. Then they brought out businessmen, forced them to show where bags of money, took them, slashed the tires of a car, then disappeared”, – told the publication on Monday evening.

According to law enforcement, the incident occurred on the highway Odessa-Kiev, near the cafe “spring” that Altestovo in Belyaevsky district.

In the region declared the plans “Interception” and “Siren”.

According to law enforcement officers, the victims were accompanied by Poltava.