Already built the dam that separates the estuary from the sea so that water does not interfere with the construction of other objects.

In Odessa the representatives of construction companies, environmental agencies, members of Parliament and of the Odessa regional Council discussed the progress of construction of the connecting channel “Tiligulsky estuary – Black sea”

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of the technical Director of the contractor company “the South” by Konstantin Osipov and head of the Interfactional Deputy Association “South of Ukraine” Pavel Unguryan.

“As of may 19, built the gateway that separates the estuary from the sea to control the flow of seawater into the estuary, and started construction of the offshore section of the connecting channel, which we plan to complete, subject to continuity of funding in 2018 . Already built the dam that separates the estuary from the sea so that water does not interfere with the construction of other objects. Expected that the commissioning of the channel “Tiligulsky estuary – Black sea” will ensure the creation of 8-mile recreation area around the estuary,” said Osipov.

Assessment Unguryan, “this recreation area will not only ensure the completion of estuary water, but will allow you to recover at least 8 kilometers of the beach area up to a width of 100 meters, there will be created a developed infrastructure near the towns of Berezovsky and Limansky districts of Odessa region and of the Berezansky region of the Nikolaev area. Thanks to the launch of the channel length of 33 km and a width of 23 meters, the estuary will be freshened and significantly raised the water level”.

He also expressed the hope that construction customers important environmental object will execute the contractual obligations to rescue the Tiligulsky estuary, and the members of the Deputy corps in conjunction with the management of the Odessa region will begin forming on the basis of a number of nature reserves, including the regional landscape Park “Tiligulsky estuary”, integrated environmental cluster of special status.

In June, the MP added, Interfractional Deputy Association “South of Ukraine” will be held in Odessa and discussion of solutions to the pressing problems of the kuyalnitsky estuary, which plan to assign the status of national natural Park and Budaksky, the number of Danube estuaries and the lake Sasyk.

“We set ourselves the goal is to combine nature-protected sites of the South of Ukraine into a single Fund and keep it for posterity,” concluded Ungureanu.

As reported, the reconstruction of the connecting channel between the Tiligul estuary and the Black sea with the aim of increasing the water level and recovery fisheries began in October 2016. According to the Chairman of the Odessa regional Council Anatoly Urban, the whole reconstruction of the canal will cost 58 million, of the funds allocated from the regional budget. After commissioning of the facility in 2018, the estuary will cease to dry up, as it will be built nanomaterials structure, the gateway controller with repositorium device, culverts, and secured the protection of road bridges and engineering networks.