Some of the protesters who came in the evening on Independence square in Kiev to protest against the violent dispersal of the trade blockade of Donbass, went to the building of administration of the President of Petro Poroshenko. There are radicals ready to meet the security forces from machardie.

Several hundred radicals under shouts “shame” are on Bank – among them you can see people in camouflage uniforms and members of “Right sector” (banned in Russia as extremist organization – ed.), reports “Russian conversation”.

The building of the presidential administration is already under the protection of the security forces. Several hundred national guardsmen formed a cordon and blocked the approaches to its territory. Militiamen are armed and prepared for possible clashes with protesters.

ProHD to Adminstrat President blocked cordon natsgvardia

— Hromadske .UA (@HromadskeUA) 13 Mar 2017

In parallel, the protest continues at the Independence square, some protesters chose to remain there. Besides, the action gradually joined by more people – at the moment in the main square of the country are already up to a thousand people.