The shores of New Guinea were found by American bombers during the Second world war, which badly overgrown with corals. At the moment, oceanographers and historians are trying to find the remains of crew members of bombers. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The Americans lost
a large number of aircraft during the battle for New Guinea, which lasted from
the beginning of 1942 to mid-1945. The island was occupied by the Japanese, who
fiercely resisted U.S. attempts to seize it.

Unfortunately, scientists have
failed to identify the remains of 6 soldiers, who formed the crew of the first
bomber, as well as the bones of the pilot of the second aircraft.

Earlier in the academic world, she described the climate of the planet Proxima b.

In orbit with tidal
capture and orbit the mercurial model type showed a stable temperature
surface conducive to liquid water . Another study showed that
planets in orbits close to red dwarfs can lose the atmosphere from
a huge number of high-energy solar storms. No atmosphere, no rivers,
lakes and oceans, no life as we know it.