Permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia

© Valery sharifulin/TASS

UN, February 10. /TASS./ Permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia sees no chance of adoption in the near future the Security Council of the Russian draft resolution on the investigation into chemical attacks in Syria, as the United States consider it “flawed”. He stated this on Friday to the Russian journalists.

“We never stopped to think about the fact that we need an independent mechanism to investigate chemical incident in Syria, therefore, we have proposed a new resolution, which is now in the stage of expert discussions, but, frankly, the prospects of its adoption in the near future I don’t see, given the position of the Americans,” – said the diplomat .

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According to him, at present, member countries of the security Council held two rounds of expert consultations on the draft resolution, and “that’s all stopped.” Nebesa said that during the talks the American side has called the Russian draft resolution “flawed” and insisted on the resumption of the work of the Joint UN and the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons to investigate hematic, continuing to blame his “murder” of Moscow.

As pointed out by the Ambassador, CMP ceased to exist in November after the US and other countries voted against a proposed Russian draft resolution on improvement of work of the Commission of inquiry. “Yes, they have not formally veto, but in a procedural way simply this resolution was buried. The latter. Therefore, the responsibility for the “death” of SMR on them, not us,” – said Nebenzia.

United States and the OPCW

He admitted that he did not fully understand “why Americans need an independent mechanism to investigate chemical incidents in Syria, when they are not only to investigate and to confirm the use of chemical weapons” immediately blame the Syrian government. “To my simple question of what political and military dividends gives the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, they don’t answer and shyly avert their eyes” – said the diplomat. Speaking about possible further steps in the investigation of chemical attacks, he pointed out that the United States for a long time lead to the OPCW in the Hague, “a large-scale campaign aimed at breaking the hands”, ensuring the adoption of a resolution there condemning the actions of Damascus, with the subsequent transfer to the UN security Council.

In January, Russia submitted a draft resolution on the establishment of an Independent UN investigating chemical attacks in Syria for an initial period of one year. Moscow the Commission aims to replace the CMP, which ceased to exist in November 2017.

Impact on the settlement process

The permanent representative of the Russian Federation expressed the view that the absence of the Commission of inquiry does not preclude the process of peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria, ongoing since 2011. “In itself, the lack of a mechanism does not preclude a political settlement in Syria. A political settlement in Syria is a separate track,” he stressed.

The diplomat noted that a meeting in late January in Sochi, the Congress of the Syrian national dialogue gave impetus to the peace process under the auspices of the United Nations in Geneva. He recalled that at the meeting in Sochi was “important decisions”, including on the formation of the constitutional Commission. “This was our proposal, we agreed with the Secretary-General [UN Antonio Guterres], with [special envoy of the Secretary General] Staffan de Mistura,” – said Nebenzia.

According to him, now the emissary of the UN will engage in the formation of the Commission, as well as preparations for elections in Syria.