The agreement on the establishment of the Grand coalition and rotation on the post of Prime Minister.

In Israel, the party leader “Likud” Benjamin Netanyahu and the leader of the party “Kajol-Laban” benny Gantz announced the establishment of a national unity government.

Under the agreement, the parties agreed on rotation for Prime Minister in the next 18 months this position will occupy Netanyahu, then it will replace Gantz, said

Both sides confirmed that a broad coalition is necessary in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.

Mar 2, in Israel, held its third parliamentary elections in one year.

Netanyahu’s party, Likud won by a small margin, but she and her allies failed to gain a majority in Parliament.

After that, Netanyahu and Gantz a few weeks could not agree on the establishment of the government, including in the advanced of the allotted time. The country was moving to the fourth early elections.

Yesterday in tel Aviv was held to protest “For the salvation of democracy.” The protesters spoke out against the coalition negotiations, Netanyahu and Gantz.