Ivan Davydov

Many were horrified, and then all laughed.

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has charged to introduce criminal responsibility for propaganda of drugs. For implementing instructions answer the government and personally Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the deadline is January next year. Valuable this thought came to the President in September, during interviews with the participants of the Economic forum in Vladivostok, and now the idea has become a binding document: “the inclusion in the legislation of the Russian Federation amendments establishing criminal responsibility for declination to consumption or the promotion of drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues with the use of information and telecommunication network Internet”.

To fulfill the President’s order rushed for some reason, the head of the parliamentary faction “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov, although it is something just like (remember, however, this kind of, to him we shall return) anybody about what did not ask. Spravedlivorossy lightning concocted a bill that should go to jail for up to seven years for “the dissemination of materials and (or) information aimed at the formation face neutral, tolerant or positive attitudes towards these tools, substances, plants and precursors, and their parts or representations about the permissibility of their use, retention or turnover”.

After reading this amazing news, many were horrified, and it was what. The precursor, for example, as reported to us by school textbooks chemistry, is a substance involved in the reaction leading to obtaining a new, target substance. For the production of certain drugs, as reported to us by people in the know, might need ordinary potassium permanganate. Well, or sulfuric acid.

And now for the “formation face” neutral relations to sulphuric acid, Sergei Mironov suggested to put in prison. I don’t know what to look for the process of formation of neutral, or tolerant — it’s really quite awful — a positive attitude to sulphuric acid, but just in case I declare: I have it, acid that, since the childhood hate.

Many were horrified, and then everyone laughed, because the bill shall not accepted. It turned out that the developers in the process of making made a bunch of ridiculous formal errors.

Although the reasons for joy in what is happening not so much. It seems that the meaning of existence in the Parliament of Sergey Mironov and its fractions even and for the of Sergey Mironov — sheer mystery (also, incidentally, about the whole so-called systemic opposition, we can safely say), but that’s just at such moments, his existence makes a lot of sense. The bill with the most wild formulations are made in order to be accepted. He needs to collect the reaction of the audience, make some conclusions, and next year, when it adopts the law, prepared Mironov, and those entrusted with him to prepare, to minimize the scandal.

Remember, somewhere above flashed “like”. It seems to be not Mironov instructed the President to defeat an insidious evil, but it is, of course, asked slightly popadaetsya for a good cause. To conduct reconnaissance, putting himself a man — as if to say something softer? — moderately talented and not particularly competent.

Mironov, after all, no pity. Even, it seems, to Mironov.

Important — truly important, for all important because anyone can be hurt — only that Putin has already given. Then the law will be. Probably — thank you willing to sacrifice to Sergey Mironov — a little less monstrous than that offered by the representatives of “Fair Russia”.

Incidentally, Senator Andrey Klishas, the author of many punitive laws (the law on compulsory love of power is his baby, and the law on fake news too him and now he is preparing a law on censorship of electronic communication — idle, in General, is not sitting), has proposed to put for the promotion of drugs for fifteen years. And Klishas is not Mironov, his words will be heavier.

And Yes, I’m not about that at all, that the propaganda of drugs — some good thing and must certainly be encouraged. Hard drugs — the evil, the problem of drug addiction is a reality, and several of my friends, good, talented people at the end of the last century was killed by the heroin, and killed quite rapidly. But we’ve all lived here long, for punitive legislators are seeing innovation with a friendly interest and can pretty accurately predict how this new law will work. Even if it comes out in the end is not so scary, as proposed by Mironov and a neutral attitude towards the potassium permanganate plant still will not.

First, disappear the possibility to discuss a real problem. Global trend — the gradual legalization of soft drugs. I don’t want to start a debate about whether it is good or bad, just stating a fact. Now I do not want to start a dispute, and later simply can not, because he is such a dispute will act a criminal offence. And this means that solving the problems we will inevitably drift apart, because concealment — useless way to solve problems. In other words, people will lose, and the drugs will win.

Secondly, of course, it will be used as another club, allowing a painful hit on the head any inconvenient people. To throw “drug propaganda” is much easier than to actually plant drugs, and that they would be there in the end, the law his nor wrote the sad experience of Russian life tells us that with the right “experts” to find this same propaganda can be, even in the recipe of salad. Having such a unique ability and not use it? Will, to contrive to be ashamed of judgment, to connect to the “campaigns” all ready inform attendants.

Well, and thirdly, although this is perhaps the main. It is clear that the police find that there is another easiest way to improve detection, earning ranks, commendations from superiors and prizes, also will not miss her. This new club beat will not only be political opponents of the government, but just on any random victims, tucked under the arm.

Yes, of course, I fully allow that those who really “promotes the use of” occasionally will accrue. But they will be the main target of this new punitive law.

Us these punitive laws are not the first year of the water like sulfuric acid. And Yes, we frown tolerant, producing legislative acid neutral attitude. Well, if so, then, may be properly watered deserve.

By the way, on Friday, the first of November, the Basmanny court of Moscow started consideration of the complaint of lawyers of the journalist Ivan Golunova the inaction of the UK. Golunova, as you probably remember, planted drugs, but the suspects in the case are still there. Moreover, in the first minutes of the meeting revealed that the investigator does not know the consequence it brings in or “checks”, are extended if the investigation and what exactly is within it. And why, soon the new law will, and he will have a lot of new, interesting, and easy operation.

Ivan Davydov, “Snob”