MOSCOW, December 28. /TASS/. A new regiment of army aviation in Smolensk region fully complement the helicopters Ka-52 “alligator” in January of 2018, reported the press service of the Western military district (ZVO).


Jump The “Alligator”
TASS tells of reconnaissance and attack helicopter Ka-52 and its technical characteristics

“Pilots will perform test flights, and then in January 2018, they [helicopters Ka-52] will be relocated to a separate helicopter regiment, stationed in the Smolensk region”, – reported in the County . All pilots of the newly formed regiment were trained at 344-th center of combat application and retraining of pilots of army aviation (Torzhok).

In the district said that now ended transfer eight helicopters from the factory to the airfield Island in the Pskov region.

“After final Assembly of the helicopters will undergo a comprehensive inspection of all systems, avionics, engine operation,” – said in the County.

Ka-52 “alligator” – a multi-purpose all weather double combat helicopter, which is a further development of model Ka-50 “Black shark”. It is designed for a wide range of combat missions day and night at any time of year with all the weapons.