According to the permanent representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe Dmitry Kuleba, Europe will not return to sanctions policy against Moscow, the rhetoric has changed, in the EU don’t want to punish the Russian Federation, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “Radio HB”.

“It is natural. Even in 2016, when I started to work in the Council of Europe, there were already attempts to create the conditions for the return of the Russians. Every year, these attempts were more Intrusive and active and, in the end, they were unsuccessful. International relations, world politics in General is so constructed that large players swear to each other, create each other problems, but then inevitably they make up and begin to cooperate, then again, fighting, then make peace – the way of the world” – said Kuleba.

He also added that in the last few years Europe has refused to extend anti-Russian sanctions, instead, Ukraine was offered all sorts of help and support, creating a new model of relations.

“They tell us: dear Ukraine, you are cool, we love you, well done, reform, European integration and all, but don’t ask us to punish Russia, we are instead now going to support you,” – said in an interview with the Ukrainian diplomat.

Earlier, PACE announced plans for Russia after its return.