The bill came amendment, which allows the Tramp to lift sanctions without a report to Congress

Previously amended gives the opportunity for the us President to ease sanctions.

In the bill of U.S. sanctions against Russia, there is one “technical” amendment, which allows the American President Donald Trump to circumvent the licensing procedure of the Congress, writes RBC with reference to the American law firm Gibson Dunn.

Adopted by the us senators and congressmen document transformerait existing decrees of the President of Barack Obama on sanctions against Russia in perpetuity the law that does not cancel other presidential decrees.

The main feature of the bill is that it restricts the powers of the trump management of the Russian sanctions program to mitigate, suspend, or terminate the sanctions it is necessary to explain the purpose and effect of a special report to Congress, which can block the President’s initiative .

However, the bill has a clause which says that the licensing procedure of the Congress is not required if the U.S. government produces a “normal” license, which does not affect foreign policy towards Russia.

In the original version of the bill this point was not.

“This is a significant addition to the bill leaves to the President of the US real freedom to issue a license authorizing activities that otherwise would be punished,”- writes the American law firm Gibson Dunn in the Gazette to the customers.

Lawyer Washington Bryan Cave cliff burns, specializing in sanctions, suggests that this “gap” in the parliamentary control of the Executive power can be used to change the anti-Russian sanctions.

“Nothing prevents the Ministry of Finance to issue so-called General license simply concluding that it “does not change significantly the foreign policy of the United States” against Russia,” he says.

No way to argue against this opinion the bill does not provide.

However, other lawyers doubt that the clause “routine licensing” can be in practice used as a loophole, the Agency said.

On 25 July, the bill was approved by the absolute majority in the House of representatives. On July 27, the Senate overwhelmingly voted for the package of restrictive punitive measures.

In addition to Russia, the law stipulates sanctions against Iran and North Korea.

In the White house say that trump will soon sign the law on sanctions against Russia.

In response Russia took from US a dacha in Moscow and demanded a reduction of 755 persons the American diplomatic staff.

Note that against this law is the European Union. On the eve of Germany said that the new penalties violate international law and threaten energetichekoy security of Europe.

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