The Republican leadership in the house of representatives for yet unknown reasons took a very important decision not to vote for the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions .

As reported
“Russian conversation”, the bill passed the Committee
on international Affairs.

Congressman Eliot Engel protested the actions of the Republicans, who did not want
to vote for the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions.

He said that their
actions “hamper the process and give the White house time to blur key
efforts to bring the Kremlin to justice.”

Engel was in
enraged by the refusal of Republicans to support sanctions and was trying to put pressure on
Republicans to the vote was carried out promptly and
the relevant document is finally put on the table the Donald Trump.

We will note, earlier it was reported that
the U.S. Senate supported the amendment on the extension of anti-Russian sanctions.

“Russian conversation” earlier wrote that Rex Tillerson in a very abrupt manner
spoke about the extremely poor relations between Russia and the United States, saying that relations between Moscow and
Washington almost “lying in the gutter, and need not give them
wash down the drain”. He also
presented a plan to normalize relations with Russia.