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MOSCOW, may 28. /TASS/. New Russian silent sniper rifle caliber 12.7 mm, developed on the basis of the rifle MP-116M, for the first time will be shown at the exhibition “Army-2018” to be held in late August in Moscow Kubinka. This was reported TASS the representative of the instrument Design Bureau (KBP). Shipunova – developer of the rifle.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, at the exhibition the company will introduce a number of modifications of the rifle MP-116M, including chambered in 7.62 by 51 mm (308 Winchester), 67 mm 7.62 mm (300 Winchester Magnum) and 8.6 70 mm (338 Lapua Magnum). He noted that the more powerful cartridges (with the increased powder charge, due to the larger size casings) provide, while maintaining the standard 7.62 mm best flatness and accuracy. “Given the high quality manufacture of trunks, the deviation of the bullet is only 13 mm at 100 meters”, – said the representative of the CBI .

“In addition, you will see the options under subsonic rifle cartridges of 7.62 mm and under silent bullets of 12.7 mm caliber”, – said the representative of the CBI. All modifications remain the rifle of MC-116 and use a unified trigger mechanism, but have different barrels.

Specialist, CBI has said that a variant of the MTS-116M is in silent heavy the performance is intended for use by special forces and mainly in urban areas. This rifle is able to quietly hit the enemy in good protective gear (flak jacket high grade) for short distances up to 300 m. Large – caliber 12.7 mm and a large bullet weight compensates for its low speed flight and low energy,and allows you to save the damaging effects.

Employee of the CBI explained that the major source of sound when fired are flowing out of the barrel of powder gases. In a subsonic cartridge, the gases emitted from the barrel, respectively, at subsonic speeds, allowing more efficient use of the muffler to reduce these telltale arrow factors as the volume and the flame shot.

In silent cartridge, noted the Agency interlocutor, the powder gases remain inside the sleeve, the bullet pushes into the barrel a special piston. The rifle with the same cartridge no flame, no sound of a shot. The only thing you can hear is the clatter of moving mechanical parts in the receiver, for example, the shutter.


Basic store-bought sniper rifle MP-116M uses a standard domestic cartridge 7.62 by 54mm and is intended for the conduct of the police and anti-terrorist operations. Has effective range of 700-800 m.

According to open sources, the rifle is made in small batches and is used by special units of the interior Ministry, defense Ministry and the FSB. Also MC-116 noticed earlier in Syria – they are used by snipers of the Syrian government forces.