Equipped “Lyaskovichi” more serious than most of the remaining 17 residences of the dictator.

Blogger NEXTA continues to conduct virtual tours of the numerous residences of Alexander Lukashenko.

– Recently we told you about a little-known Lukashenko’s residence “Berth” on the Lyadsky lake in the Bialowieza forest, and today it’s time to go inside the object, which anyway have heard it all: “President” has repeatedly invited foreign guests, mainly Ukrainian.

You have already understood that we are talking about the residence of “Lyaskovichi” in the same village, Petrikov district of the Gomel region. It is located right on the banks of the Pripyat river (the exact geographical coordinates of 52°07’00.4″N 28°11’13.8″E).

In contrast to dull, “Pier”, residence “Lyaskovichi” Lukashenko loves and comes here relatively often. So these photos were taken in winter, when bearded “host” was not there.

Equipped “Lyaskovichi” more serious than most of the remaining 17 residences of the dictator. It not only has a large master house with several bedrooms and a fireplace room and three two-storey mansion is smaller. Of course, with all the amenities.

It features a luxury bath. After it, Lukashenko with guests able to swim in the pool and plenty to roll the balls of Billiards. And in the warm season you can organize a Banquet in the fresh air – there is also a gazebo, and a handy grill.

But the main feature of “Lyaskovichi” – a private indoor sports complex. Here you can play tennis, basketball, and volleyball. However, the lessons of the last two sports Lukashenko was seen a couple of times, but tennis was the last time he was fond of 20 years ago – because Yeltsin. Today “great athlete” prefer to do it without prying eyes. To not laugh.

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