Alternative scientists believe that mankind has been
bad signal Earth on the brink of terrible trials. The “wings” of Planet X, in their
version – the harbinger of the coming destruction of civilization and possibly of the Earth,
reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to “Диалог.UA”.

Some suspect that radiant “wings” belong to
not the Sun, and much more dangerous object – the mysterious planet Nibiru. Probably
deadly planet is rapidly approaching the Earth, and therefore so often
began to appear in the sky.

Experts claim that the earth is not to escape, even if
direct confrontation will be avoided. The powerful gravity of the planet-killer will cause devastating natural disasters throughout the world: hurricanes, tsunamis,
earthquake. Half of the continent will be destroyed, and this despite the fact
optimistic scenario.

Earlier it was reported that aliens from Nibiru hidden in the pyramids of Egypt a nuclear bomb that can destroy the Earth in a matter
minutes. Scientists boasted that they were able to establish contact with