The famous actress showed off her buttocks to the presentation of the film.

model and actress Connie Nielsen, who played in the upcoming movie “Wonder woman”,
was in a very unpleasant situation during the presentation of the film in the United
States, according to “Russian conversation”.

a ceremony known 51-year-old model arrived in a bright red
dress with a long train. Naturally, the film failed to pass, the faithful
fans not signing a couple of leaves. During how Nielsen stood and
gave to his fans autographs, a strong gust of wind lifted up the train of her
dresses. The buttocks of the actress were exhibited to the public and the paparazzi,
who could not not photograph this incident.

view the picture it is possible to note, the 51-year-old actress doesn’t wear underwear .

note that this situation did not bother the woman, because with the vagaries of nature
nothing can be done.

the situation happened more than once with pop music. In February of this year
a similar incident occurred with a popular pop-singer Britney Spears.
Singer found that standing on the stage with bare Breasts, while one
people dancers tried to rectify the situation and to pull up the swimsuit.

As a reminder,
that Connie Nielsen will play the mother of the main character in the movie “Wonder woman”,
Queen Hippolyte.