Sleep may 19 — on the “Night of museums”! To 12-th of the action the bet is placed on the music and the daring and fashionable. So no party will not do: they will cover museums, galleries, and courtyards.


Step for Russian cultural institutions — a bold and timely, given that the music industry, which today became prohibitively democratic, filled with a powerful energy. And one of the top Museum and the Biennale or art event abroad is not complete without musical accompaniment. Obsession battles — also in cash: it got to the contemporary art centres, which is now throwing the fights between the artists already in the virtual space… Russia is trying to be in trend. And it’s important for the younger generation, which reacts sensitively to all living things, especially when it comes to art. How it will be served in the main Museum night?

The art event will resemble a giant audiovisual festival that occurs in different parts of the city . The main blow will take over the Museum of Moscow. Here the first set will play a dj MoBKiD — founder and the ideologist of a series of parties Mod Allnighter. Will be replaced by his young rock band “PACOS”, whose songs dedicated to the capital and millennial life in the big city, and the lyrics are instantly at odds on quotes in social networks. Closer to the night for the panel will be Peter Shinawatra, the leader of the band “the Breeze” — with dance music: soft dance-rock, guitar-rock disco and funky-groove.

Point of attraction will be and the Mayakovsky Museum , in the context of anniversaries: the 125th birthday of the poet and 80 years of the Museum itself. In his yard experimental spirit of the main Soviet futurist will reflect through the music, set design and street art. And gallery “na shabolovke” will open the exhibition notes with questions and remarks, which the poet received from the audience during their performances. He has 20,000 of such notes and even planned to publish a book with them. It is possible to provide “universal portraits” of the era: student, security officer, worker, napsane, an intellectual of the “former”…


The Institute of Russian realist art to impact the exhibition “Window to Russia. Masterpieces of seven generations”, prepared in collaboration with the Tretyakov gallery and traveling half the country, will launch a special program. In addition to the tours, including sign language for the deaf, will hold free workshops for the whole family “Window of history”, dedicated to the secret codes and symbols window frames. Walking through the exhibition, visitors will decode you are talking about frames in the paintings of Igor Grabar, Alexander Deineka, Yuri Pimenov, Alexander Labas and create the master class collages, where everyone can encrypt their “window history”.

In the Moscow Museum of modern art (MMOMA) where the Foundation V-A-C has launched an ambitious project “dress rehearsal” (200 works by 100 artists: Amadeo Modigliani and Jeff Koons to Arseny Zhilyaeva and Pavel Pepperstein), will play a whimsical play based on “the Seagull”. Then a member of the Association “Theatre of Reciprocal Action” Shifra Kazhdan satisfied with the performance, namely the press conference on behalf of photography Vladislav Malyshev-Monroe in the image of Akhmatova. “Akhmatova” will answer questions of journalists and all comers. The curtain will give a concert in tel-Aviv electronic musician Autarkic.

At the Brewery “Night of museums” will play artists. Expected musical experiments, the discovery of the frescoes and the performance “Uncle Mushroom Feast Master” from Vova Perkin, known for its psychedelic remakes of popular stories from children’s books. In the Center of creative industries FABRIKA art designer Venus Kazarova preparing a costumed performance “While screaming owls”, for which she sews incredible costumes associated with sleep.

Costumed performance “While screaming owls.” Photo: press service of the festival

Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM) will take a number of new exhibitions in the framework of Photobiennale-2018. Hardly enough night to enjoy them. Museum of contemporary history of Russia will dedicate the event “masterpieces from the vaults” — exhibits, which have not been exhibited for over 30 years. They are presenting at the exhibition “It marks?!”, which complement the rap performance, the audience took a fresh look at the legacy of the thinker. Walking tours custom itineraries prepare architectural Museum and Bulgakov Museum.

Of all the museums differ , Garage: launch of the international fair of art books. In addition to the various workshops and presentations will be able to listen to people, which is rarely where you will meet co-author of David Hockney in his book “History paintings” Martin Gayford, artist Georgy Kizevalter, Flemish Illustrator Brecht Evans, the architect of the Soviet space program, the interior designer for stations “Soyuz”, “Salyut” and “Mir” Galina Balashova, the chief editor of “New literary review” Irina Prokhorova, Professor, new York University Bruce Altschuler…

Behind the gallery. “On Kashirke” what did not be from quests, mobs, games, and performances and even the author’s of the musical Elena Vauhini “Small-the little Prince and spring flowers”, which will suit actors of children’s theatre “the Blue bird”. And Solyanka gallery, together with Untitled, I’ll give a crazy tea party with the founders of the most unusual bars in Moscow, where themed nights and closed monthly dinners with artists. Admission is free, tea river, intriguing stories from artists, curators, DJs, party in the salt catacombs…

Although the name of the action far-fetched — partying until the morning, no promises, but you can arrange them yourself. Most importantly — culturally.