In Moscow, the forces of the Gosfilmofond of Russia organized the “Echo of the festival of archival cinema”. Some of the rarities were deliberately forgotten for half a century. Among them is the painting “Boy and girl” Julia Veit, where the young Nikolai Burlyaev was not the best boy in the world, have thrown the girl.

Yulia Fight on March 27, will be 80. He studied at the famous ugolovka course, Mikhail Romm, Andrei Tarkovsky, Vasily Shukshin, Aleksandr Mitta. His father Andrey Fayt was an actor of silent and then sound film. Yuli starred in Sergei Eisenstein’s “Ivan the terrible”. His own film “Boy and girl”, filmed 50 years ago, can be considered dropped from the history of cinema, a picture, representing the thaw. For the anniversary of the film cut by order of canonicality fragment with the young lovers asleep in the grass restored. Fortunately the Director himself cut it out in the booth and put it in his pocket . During filming it was called on the carpet, I had to go from Noumea to Leningrad. Then even warned about the “shift” and then saw the movie pornography from the first category were transferred to the third banned the shows in Moscow, Leningrad and the capitals of the Union republics.

Just finished school hero Nicholas burljaeva sent to parents in the Crimean health resort “before man life”, how to tell his mother. Blue-eyed, touching, skinny, he wanders in anguish at the resort, until they meet a young waitress performed by Natalia Bogunova. Young lovers will find themselves in a lush field, where there will be what children are like. On the screen we will not see anything, only the person, but it was enough to classify the film to the category of pornographic. And then the boy will go to Leningrad, promising the girl to return. Only he’s not coming back, and she will raise the child.

Natalia Bogunova so divinely beautiful on the screen that the head does not fit her recent death in Cyprus. Surprisingly, the all-Union fame she received only after the role of the teacher in the movie “Big break” in the early 70s. Yuliy Fayt remembers what was said Bogunova boring, it was what he needed, so for two nights it was pereozvuchivat hula Inna is the wife of Gennady Shpalikov, who wrote the lyrics to the picture. 20-year-old Nikolai Burlyaev then starred in “Andrei Rublev” Tarkovsky, who released him to Fight only because they were classmates. But he didn’t like the fact that the young actor was returning from Noumea to shooting under Vladimir rested and tanned.

Yuliy Fayt went against the script by Vera Panova. Screenwriter Dong and freed from said Panov imagine sitting on a high mountain, where she threatens the youth with a finger: “Children, don’t do this, this happen to children.” “And I was interested in how young souls are attracted to each other. Burlyaev exactly changes did hobby, smile, and Bogunova then suffocated from love, was angry. We kiss three times retake. Panova was unhappy with the film, but then resigned. And two years later re-released my novel, changing it as in the picture,” recalls Julius Veit.

The projectionist showed us the film is not with figures but with a film with the perfect color. And was preceded by a screening of the short film “a Tram to other cities” fight on the script Gennady Shpalikov, starring in death of a passenger in the tram with a book in his hands. He only twice appeared in films — even at hutsieva “the Outpost of Ilyich”. Editors is Yury Trifonov — then a young writer, but already the winner of the Stalin prize. “My oversight was not included in the credits Oleg Yefremov, who reads the narration, recalls Julius Veit. — I wanted him to take the role of a policeman, but he headed the theater”. Surprisingly, the student of directing Department had two of the expedition to the Crimea, where they filmed at the Simferopol reservoir, and dosemki in Tbilisi.

Two boys run away from home to find out where to go by night tram. On their way there the policeman. The boys throw his uniform into the sea, because without it he is not a policeman and they did not do it. The guard in shorts and with a pistol in his holster — a man with humor. The question of children, that is beyond the sea, call him a sea drowned of my pants. In a children’s movie, could afford that in the adult would never have passed.

After 30 years Fighting call Andrey Titov — the same kid who played the main role, became an engineer, and will come with his son. Veit believes that Andrew was one of the best boys in the movie. And found his assistant Director Eugene Lygina, which led once the boy Sergei Bondarchuk “Destiny of man”. “She found us in the courtyard and invited to the movies — says “MK” Andrey Titov. When I was six years old. Played my friend Zhenya Bogdanov was the son of a circus artist. Shooting in Crimea, I went with my mom. Since then, loved him.”