When the automobile on pedestrians in the Australian city of Melbourne injury received nine foreign nationals, said on Friday the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull.

Local media in turn reported that on the eve of the incident affected citizens of China, Italy, India, Venezuela, Ireland, New Zealand and South Korea.

Speaking to journalists, the Australian Prime Minister called the pedestrians “shocking crime”.

He noted that during interrogation, the arrested car driver, the 32-year – old native of Afghanistan explained their actions by the “bad Muslims” in the world.

“At this stage (of the investigation – if)… apart from this statement, we do not see any problems of a political nature or affiliation with extremist groups,” added M. Turnbull.

“I was told that at the moment, terrorism has not been established”, – he stressed .

Earlier it was reported that was driving the car at the time of hitting the man already came into the view of law enforcement due to drug use; in addition, he noted problems with the psyche.

Subsequently, the police detained another man, who was near the scene of a collision and shot the event on camera. During the search he was discovered several knives and drugs.

Local media reported that the police later released the second detainee and decided that he was not involved in the incident. He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and possession of drugs.

According to official data, as a result of hitting a pedestrian in Melbourne injured 19 people. Three are in critical condition.