The national Commission carrying out regulation in the sphere of energy and utilities (NKREKU), intends to take into account the rising cost of coal by 25.8% – to $83,08/ton in approving the forecast of wholesale market prices (ORC) in 2018.

The relevant paragraph is contained in the justification to the draft resolution of the national Commission, the consideration of which is scheduled for December 28.

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“The indicative price of coal is determined based on the average market price in the European market over the period December 2016-November 2017, based on information posted on the website of SE “Deregulated” $83,08/ton, which is 25.8% or us $16.4/tonne higher for the indicative price of coal, considered in the revision of the forecast of orts of electricity by 2017″, – stated in the document.

In NKREKU stressed that the price of coal set in the calculation of the CRC for 2018 ($83,08/tonne) 11.9% below the actual figure, which is fixed on the European market in November of the current year ($93/tonne).

In the justification to the draft resolution of the national Commission also stated that the average freight rate for transportation of coal from Rotterdam also grew by 31.2% (us $2.9/tonne) – to $12.9/ton (excluding transshipment).