Alexander Tretyakov


SOCHI, March 25. /Offset. TASS albert Starodubtsev/. Olympic champion 2014 Russian skeleton Alexander Tretyakov, who is the international Olympic Committee (IOC) has not given an invitation to participate in the Games in South Korea’s Pyeongchang have set a goal of how to prepare for the 2022 summer Olympic games in Beijing. About Tretyakov told TASS.

In November 2017, the IOC under the leadership of Dennis Oswald has decided to annul the results at the Olympics in 2014 the number of Russian athletes who were suspected of anti-doping rule violation. One of them was leading a skeleton racers: Tretyakov and bronze medalist of the Olympics-2014 Elena Nikitina. Court of arbitration for sport (CAS) shortly before the start of the Games in South Korea annulled the punishment, which also included and lifetime suspension from participation in all Competitions . Nikitin and Tretyakov were recommended to the Olympic Committee of Russia to perform at the Olympics in 2018, however, the IOC have not given them individual invitations.

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“Their participation in the Olympic games in South Korea I have experienced, – said Tretyakov. – Now the dust settles and I can continue to train safely. Set a goal to be at the next Olympics, I’d need to prepare for it. Let’s see what happens”.

“I hope now that all my misadventures over, I’m on vacation with optimism and faith in the future – continued the athlete. – Come and start to prepare for the world Cup, which next year will take place in Canada. On the track in Whistler I have basically done well. In 2010 at the Olympics I was a bronze winner”.

Tretyakov admitted that he watched the television broadcasts of the Olympic competitions in snowboarding in South Korea. “But to wonder what would have to be there, don’t want, and I don’t like it, – said the Agency interlocutor. The guys competed, and I was sitting at home, the situation is accepted, and I accepted it. Even when CAS overturned the IOC punishment, I silently understood that the Olympics still to go will be very problematic.”

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Tretyakov said that he was not going to finish career after the failure of the IOC to admit.

“When I come to start, not thinking about money”

Sunday Tretyakov was the winner of the championship of Russia and all-Russian competitions in bobsleigh and skeleton. Second place-the silver medalist of the Olympics-2018 Nikita Tregubov, the third was Vladislav Semenov. The athlete who showed the best result, will receive four million rubles.

“As for the big prize pool, then I when I go to start, trying not to think about it. All of this is unsettling and interferes with the right mentality to compete. I think about how to make a quick start and drive without mistakes on the road, how to prepare technique. And more than anything,” – said the winner of Sunday’s competition.

“I have for missing the Olympics was a very big competition pause. Therefore, in order to perform well here, I had to come here on a week early and more practice. And it’s not passed in vain”, – said Tretyakov.