Nonna Grishaeva was one of the first told about the worries regarding the health of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. As it turned out, the day before news of the deadly disease Anastasia, Nona has a dream about her dream, according to the Russian Dialogue.

Sci participated in the round table in the State Duma. There raised the topic of privacy in the digital age. The actress complained that when the stars want to relax, or to conceal information about his personal life, stalking the journalists do not give to exhale them. The press is literally waiting for them behind every tree, trying to capture any moment of their personal lives.

She also complained that when they bury a loved one, they will be there too trying to capture your emotion, to later sell it to major publications. Nonna Grishaeva said that what happens with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk – full horror. According to her, the artists have to flee the country in order to pass safely treatment without the prying eyes and publicity.

Recall, as reported by the Russian Dialogue, the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is one of private clinics of Moscow. Doctors diagnosed her brain tumor, which entails many other consequences.

A long time family Anastasia has not been in contact with journalists and did not give any comments on this subject. But a few days ago, relatives of the actress published a post on her Instagram page, where he accused channel Mash in the publication of false news. They also complained of Intrusive journalists, who pursue them at every step and has released the first photo of their faces.

Despite the official statement, relatives of Anastasia was not informed about the health status of the stars.