The talks, the DPRK and South Korea



World news: North Korea and South Korea agreed to remove the guard posts from the DMZ.

At the border crossing at Panmunjom on July 31 was held the negotiations between representatives of North and South Korea, during which the parties “reached an understanding” on a number of issues in the field of security.

About it reports South Korean Agency “renkhap”.

According to reports, North Korea and South Korea in the trial mode, ready to take out the guard posts from the demilitarized border zone. Currently, there are 60 security positions in South Korea and 160 posts of the DPRK.

At a nuclear plant in North Korea has documented the resurgence of

It also became known that the parties had reached agreement on joint recovery of the remains of soldiers buried on the territory of the demilitarized zone between the two countries .

Earlier it was reported that the generals from North and South Korea discussed the practical measures to reduce the risk of war.