UN, March 13. /Offset. TASS Oleg Zelenin/. North Korea has asked the UN Secretariat with a request to convene an international forum to check the legality of Security Council resolutions forbidding Pyongyang to develop nuclear weapons and their means of delivery, as well as sanctions against the country. This was stated on Monday by Deputy permanent representative of DPRK to the UN Kim Ying Ren.

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“North Korea appealed to the UN Secretariat with a request to be held in new York or Geneva, the international forum with the participation of experts in the field of law, to find out if this is legally sound resolution of the Security Council,” – said the diplomat. He argued that the leadership of the world organization ignores the request of the North Korean authorities. “We have not received any response from the UN Secretariat. We’re still waiting and encourage them to respond to our offer,” said Kim In Ryong.

According to him, the DPRK is developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles are purely for defensive purposes in response to the “blackmail and provocation” from the United States and South Korea but Pyongyang will not be considered a violation of international law. Deputy permanent representative of the DPRK sharply responded about joint exercises by Washington and Seoul, noting that the military of the two countries practiced “pre-emptive nuclear strike at the DPRK”. As the diplomat stated, these maneuvers can lead to nuclear war, and the DPRK will be ready to “mercilessly wipe aggressors from the face of the earth.”


Commenting on the offer of China to suspend military exercises in exchange for freezing of the nuclear program of Pyongyang, Kim Ying Ren recalled that, with the same idea of the North Korean authorities was made in 2015. “As far as I know, it was rejected on the same day,” – said the diplomat. According to him, the situation in the DPRK intends to continue to increase the defense potential based on nuclear deterrence.

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In the past year, North Korea appealed to the UN Secretariat with a request to substantiate the legitimacy of the sanctions imposed by the security Council to prevent the country developing nuclear weapons and their means of delivery. In response, the Deputy Secretary General for political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman referred to article 39 of Chapter VII of the Charter of the organization, according to which the UN security Council to “determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace or act of aggression” and decide on what action should be taken “to maintain or restore international peace and security.”

The verdict of the Secretariat did not satisfy the North Korean side. As stated in January of this year, the permanent representative of the DPRK Cha sung-Nam, the nuclear powers, including the US, spent more than 2 thousand nuclear tests, and none of them were seen as threats. “This clearly proves that article 39 of the UN Charter is irrelevant to any nuclear tests or satellite launches”, he argued.

As reported to journalists the official representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dujarric, the Secretariat would examine the new request of the DPRK in respect of an international forum for discussion of the legality of UN security Council resolutions. From any further comments he abstained.