The Embassy of the DPRK confirmed the death of a man in Kuala Lumpur that occurred on February 13. At the same time Pyongyang categorically denies any involvement in the incident.

Diplomats said that Kim Chol, who had a diplomatic passport, has died of a heart attack. Before boarding the plane he supposedly had a shock, after which he died on the way to the hospital. The report said that among the things of the deceased was found medication for cardiac patients, reports the “Russian conversation”.

North Korea has proposed to the government of Malaysia to conduct a joint investigation of the incident and expressed readiness to send to this country their lawyers. The Embassy also said that the Malaysian side refused to communicate with the delegation from the DPRK and abolished unilaterally the visa-free regime, thereby disrupting diplomatic relations between the two countries .

At the same time, South Korea argues that in Malaysia, has died Kim Jong-Nam, who was the half brother of the President of the DPRK Kim Jong Ynu. However, he had a passport in the name of another citizen of North Korea, the aforementioned Kim Chul. Parliamentarians in South Korea have said about the involvement in the poisoning of businessman eight state officials of the DPRK, holding high positions in the ministries of information security and foreign Affairs.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” on the backdrop of the death of a citizen of the DPRK at the airport of Kuala Lumpur the Malaysian authorities have expelled the Ambassador of North Korea Kang Cheol, declaring him persona non grata.