The DPRK still has not revealed any case of coronavirus infection, says the report of the Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the 3rd session of the Supreme people’s Assembly (SPA) of the Republic.

“Health on a national scale, intensively conducted medical surveillance and isolation to prevent disease COVID-19, and in our country still finds no infected,” – said in the government report, quoted Monday by the news Agency KCNA.

The document States that the Cabinet of Ministers will continue to conduct “meaningful work on strengthening the material-technical base, to continuously strengthen the state extraordinary anti-epidemic work to prevent the spread of COVID-19, placing at the forefront the safety of life of the people.”

At the end of January due to the threat of proliferation COVID-19, the North Korean authorities used measures for actions in emergency mode. In particular, they blocked the border with China, stepping up checks of arriving in North Korea to foreigners.

In February, the quarantine period for foreigners and DPRK citizens who have been abroad and those who had contact with such people, extended to 30 days.

Politburo of the workers ‘ party of Korea (WPK) held over the weekend under the chairmanship of the leader of DPRK Kim Jong-UN meeting urged to consistently take “strict national countermeasures to fully prevent the penetration of the virus in terms of expansion of the disease in the world.”

At the beginning of April, according to KCNA, about 500 people remained in quarantine throughout Korea.

About 2, 2 thousand North Korean citizens and two foreigners remain in isolation.