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July 27, 2018 GDP
three sisters Khachaturian – Maria, angelina and Kristina killed his father Michael
stabbing him with a hunting knife. This story
has become a litmus test of the “civilized” world. Young girls themselves
called the police and surrendered her as they were struck to the parent more than three
dozens of strikes, but it wasn’t the cold-blooded murder, which seemed
at first glance.

The history of this family
just awful, even if you take the last four years of this shocking files.
In 2015, the head of the family at gunpoint, drove his wife and mother Aurelia
three girls on the street, threatening that will shoot all if it will not go away
away. He left to live with her daughters, but lives in an adequate understanding is impossible
be called. Tyrant beat
mocked, insulted and raped their own children.

The mother of three
daughters Aureliya has decided to break their silence and came the program “Central
television” on NTV
to tell the truth, reports the Russian
Dialogue. She stated that she hopes for recognition of their innocent children. At
to the mother, killing father, daughter thereby saved their lives that day.

“How can
loving father to threaten their children to sexual violence?” – asks

The question
host: “Threatened or raped?” the woman answers already nadlomilsya
voice, confirming the terrible guesses – and the first and second.

The woman called her husband,
with whom he lived for 20 years “absolute evil, a beast and not a man.”
She admitted it would do to him if he knew what he had Affairs with

according to investigators the day of the murder he was in a special rage – lost 14 thousand
rubles from his credit card. Michael was particularly sophisticated in punishment, and
proof it was not needed. In turn causing the daughters to his room,
he splashed them in the face from a gas spray, in the end, senior Christina lost
consciousness. The sisters were panicking, they were afraid that he would not live until the morning… Seeing as
father daughter fell asleep and began the massacre, the younger Maria in the time of the murder
the food is not damaged mind.

The end of September
2018 was marked by the fact that “murderers on the inside” was released under house
arrest. 24 June 2019, the court decided to send the sisters to jail, they
threatened from 8 till 20 years old, but already on 22 August it became known that they are recognized
the victims of bullying.
Recently journalists published the correspondence of Michael’s daughters, in
which he humiliates the girls, threatening and simply throws out of the house. What
path will result, time will tell…