PJSC “national public television company of Ukraine” (NOTE) plans in 2018, a significant reduction of staff due to underfunding, said a member of the Supervisory Board NOTE Alexei Panich.

“Catastrophic under-funding in the budget for 2018 has forced the Board to accelerate the pace of staff reductions – to those who remain in the company and will work effectively in new conditions, still it was possible to significantly raise the salary. That is why radical reduction is the first step, and the introduction of company-wide new (already approved) grid salary – step two”, – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

A. Panitch also noted that in the conditions of difficult financial situation faced by the PAO, the company’s management Board requested the Supervisory Board to consider the award to the Chairman and Board members for the year .

“But the prize of the Chairman and members of the Board in the fourth quarter, we adopted, and in the maximum amount provided by the contract. I believe there is”, – he wrote.

As reported, a NOTE in 2018 plans to increase commercial income by 25% due to the introduction of new services.

In September, the NOTE said about the underfunding of public broadcasting in Ukraine.