The government of Japan will provide about $3 million for the development of the National public television company of Ukraine (NOTE) that will allow the public television company (NTU) move to high definition broadcasting in HD.

“Negotiations on this project lasted about a year and finally we are at the final stage of the Agreement, which, today, we can say that technical and expert assistance. Figure that can voice – more than UAH 75 million, about $3 million of which $1.3 million is technical assistance, and all the rest will be spent on expert assistance,” said Minister of information policy Yuriy stets at a press conference on Wednesday in Kiev.

According to him, the project is designed for 2.5 years, under which Japan will support capacity building of the broadcaster through the provision of experts and equipment, cooperation of the Japanese public broadcaster NHK International with the Ukrainian side, as well as the training of Ukrainian specialists in Japan .

In turn, Chairman of the National public television company of Ukraine Zurab Alasania said that the technical component of the project involves the contract to build hardware, which will be able to lead four studios, and expert 10 experts, who for the duration of the project will live and work in Ukraine, to provide training for staff, advise management NOTE.

“From January we are going to run and hope that will carry out all in less than two years. Because Ukrainian society does not want to wait so long. We hope that next year the specifics of this will be reflected as follows: first, the signal due to this project we will be able to give HD and amount of pictures from 3 to 4 will move to a 16-by-9”, – said Z. Alasania.