NEW YORK, March 4. /Offset. TASS Kirill Volkov/. The administration of former President Barack Obama has repeatedly resorted to the use of cyber attacks on the computer system of the DPRK to frustrate the test of Pyongyang’s ballistic missiles. This was reported in Saturday newspaper The New York Times.

According to her, Obama left the presidency in January, three years ago ordered the Pentagon to strengthen cyber attacks against the DPRK to undermine its program for the production and launching of ballistic missiles. After that Pyongyang began to experience significant difficulties when testing missiles, which increasingly began to explode in the air or to deviate from the course, writes the edition. According to his information, the share of which ended with the failure of the test missiles such as “Musudan” after building the Pentagon cyberattacks has increased to 88%.

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However, as The New York Times, there is no sufficient data which would testify that the failure of the DPRK were associated with the hacking activity in the United States. Moreover, the newspaper, peresedova with current and former representatives of the U.S. Department of defense, argues that Washington is still not able to effectively counteract the development of nuclear and rocket programs of Pyongyang. The publication also underlines that Obama prior to transfer power to Donald Trump, warned that the DPRK issue, will be the most serious among all those with whom they have to deal with the new administration.

Previously, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing its sources reported that trump is currently exploring what steps it should take against Pyongyang, including the use of DPRK’s military force. Before CNN passed, citing an unnamed representative of the American administration that, according to trump, that Pyongyang poses “the greatest immediate threat” to Washington.

Trump promised to stop Pyongyang to complete the creation of Intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching U.S. shores. As stated in the DPRK, the development of such a missile is already at the last stage.