© Sergey Skates/TASS

NEW YORK, July 11. /TASS/. Twitter plans to remove tens of millions of suspicious accounts that can be created for use exclusively as fake subscribers of the social network. This was reported on Wednesday the newspaper the New York Times.

As she notes, many Twitter users specifically increase the number of its subscribers using bots to increase the popularity and prestige of a personal microblog that you can use to expand influence in the online space, as well as for advertising and business. Many of these automatically created accounts are sold for money including small firms, specially created for this purpose.

As reported by the NYT, Twitter announced fight fake followers and already on Thursday it intends to begin a massive campaign to remove them . The social network did not name the exact number of accounts to be blocked, however, according to the newspaper, can be removed “tens of millions” suspicious accounts that is used to increase the number of subscribers. The total number of accounts in service can thus be reduced by about 6%, writes the edition.

“We don’t want to encourage users to purchase fake accounts to artificially increase the number of subscribers, as this is not accurate measure of one’s influence on the platform or in the world,” the newspaper quoted one of the Vice-presidents Twitter Harvey.

According to the NYT, the situation with fake Twitter followers and use them to expand its political and commercial influence in social networks has attracted the attention of the authorities in some US States and a number of legislators in the us Congress. They appealed to the Federal trade Commission of the United States to intervene in the situation.